5 Tips on Buying a NJ Shore Home

Love the idea of vacationing in Avalon or Stone Harbor, New Jersey? Purchasing a NJ shore home will enable you to spend your summers on this beautiful 7-mile Island. We have a unique charm you won’t find anywhere else. Hundreds of shops, excellent eateries, fishing, surfing, beach volleyball—there is so much to do for the entire family. You can be as busy or as relaxed as you like.

As an experienced local realtor in Avalon and Stone Harbor, John O’Dea offers some expert tips to guide your investment.

  1. Determine a price range: Real estate in New Jersey caters to a wide variety of needs and budgets. Identifying a price range makes it easier and quicker to shortlist properties of interests.
  2. Decide whether you want to live near the bay or beach: It is a personal preference that will help you make the most of your investment. The simplest way to decide is by thinking about the kind of activities you are interested in.
  3. Consider whether this is an investment property or a second home: Are you looking to rent it out or use it as a vacation home? This will play a major role in the type and location of the NJ shore home you might want to buy.
  4. Understand the storm potential: While the NJ state and Federal government does its best to protect the communities of Avalon and Stone Harbor, it is important to understand what owning a shore home involves—consult with a reputable property insurance agent.
  5. Find a knowledgeable local realtor: Look for a local realtor who has in-depth knowledge of the community and neighborhoods in Stone Harbor and Avalon, NJ. Your realtor should be able to match the right properties to your needs as well as help you strike a good deal. Reach out to a reputable, knowledge realtor that knows the Island.

John O’Dea is an experienced New Jersey real estate agent specializing in investment and vacation properties as well as second homes. As President of the Avalon Chamber of Commerce he has a deep connection to the community where he lives and works. You can count on him to help you find the right NJ shore home, at the right price.

John O’Dea—Representing real estate buyers and sellers in Avalon and Stone Harbor, NJ

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